Monitoring living room temperature is essential for staying safe this winter, when is cold too cold?  

Digital Warning Thermometer

Monitor room temperature

Monitor room temperature easily
Provides easy reference for family or friends (ask How's Tom?)
Know when the temperature is dangerously low
Easy to read large LCD display
Descriptive word indication; OK, GOOD, COOL, COLD
Flashing blue LED backlight when COOL & COLD
Snowflake symbol on screen when COLD
Supplied with cold preparation checklist
Unobtrusive design
Purpose endorsed by major charities and organisations
Tough ABS plastic case
Low power 2 x AA batteries
Supplied in presentation box

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Promote preventative measures

As in the words of Erasmus; "prevention is better than cure", we couldn't agree more. Tom has not been designed to inform you just to turn up the heating!, most people can ill afford to waste money on valuable energy which simply escapes into the atmosphere.   

Tom will definitely tell you if there is a temperature problem and alert you of the danger, however it will also educate you on ways to better conserve energy and make plans in advance for cold weather planning.  With every Tom is a helpful resource checklist which will provide invaluable information on how to prepare for a cold spell, and guide you on how to get help and assistance in battling the cold. 

Blame it on Tom

We know that some more mature members of the family can sometimes be a little opinionated. Often it's hard to get your point across, or even pass some valuable information as it is often met with resistance. Trying to get someone to change their opinion about a subject can be difficult. Tom is happy to take the blame for everything, it's Tom providing his opinion not you.

When speaking to your loved one simply ask "how's Tom?", is he "OK" or "GOOD", if the reply is "no" he's "COOL" or "COLD" then you know there could be a problem. Prolonged exposure to temperatures below 18 degrees is not ideal, and some remedial action should be taken.