We believe that every vulnerable adult in the UK should have access to a Tom thermometer.

Tom is a product which has a social mission. We believe all of us can do more to help prevent thousands of needless cold-related deaths every year.

It doesn’t need to involve grand gestures, a significant financial outlay or sweeping changes in legislation, it can be simple steps to help ensure our elderly neighbours, friends and relatives stay warm in winter.

We believe all of us should take action now. It’s too late after losing a loved one to a cold-related illness to say “I wish we had done more”. Be decisive, do it now.

Tom is the product of a social enterprise with its home in Northamptonshire but its heart and soul spreads all over the UK, helping families look after those closest to them.

That social enterprise is Eligible C.I.C  We are a UK based community interest company, our mission is to redistribute resources into projects that make a real difference to mankind. Our big goal with Tom is to save lives, we aim to be able to provide Toms free of charge, or at least make them very affordable, to families who wish to take care of a vulnerable person this winter.

During the winter of 2013-14 our official charity partner Age UK started distributing Toms free of charge in the Northamptonshire area based on the generosity of individuals and businesses who backed the initial campaign. Our aim in Northamptonshire is to make Toms available for the 100,000 people who are over 65 in the county. Nationally we aim to roll out this program to all counties using the local offices of our charity partners, county councils and emergency service providers. 

All of us are eligible to get involved. 

Pensioners are eligible for help. Families are eligible to use Tom to care for their vulnerable relatives. Companies are eligible to provide extra care for their employees. Organisation are eligible to support such a worthy cause.

How's Tom? a simple question that can save lives. 

If you feel that you could help with our mission to distributor Toms to the most vulnerable people during the winter months, please do not hesitate to contact use using the following form.