Winter's here, it's cold, are your loved ones warm enough?
Ask them a simple question;  "How's Tom?"

Do you know when cold is too cold? Tom is a simple thermometer which uses colour and words to makes sense of temperature

Tom Thermometer BBC Radio Northampton interview

A frank and honest interview regarding winter deaths in the most vulnerable during the winter months. Simon Parslow chats with John Griff from BBC Radio Northampton about the How's Tom campaign and what families can do to safeguard their loved ones..

How's Tom Thermometer venerable adult

Is this really a problem?

The World Health Organisation has established a link between poor health and low indoor temperatures. Existing health conditions can be affected badly by cold and others can be brought on as a result of prolonged exposure to the cold. Respiratory disorders can be worsened by prolonged exposure to low indoor temperatures and people living in cold homes have an increased tendency to suffer colds, flu, bronchitis and pneumonia.

How's Tom Thermometer thermostat

When is cold too cold?

At temperatures below 12°C, blood tends to thicken, leading to an increase in blood pressure and increased risk of heart attack and stroke as the heart works harder to pump blood round the body. Hypothermia is caused by longer-term exposure to the cold (though longer-term may only be a matter of a couple of hours). The chronically sick, disabled and those with lower mobility levels are particularly at risk from hypothermia.